So you wanna go to a brothel, eh? Brothel tips for newbies 101. 6 simple steps to happiness!

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Missy Mariposa Escort

This is mainly geared towards independent guys who have experience with escorts but want to try out the brothel world.  This is part one of a two part series, where I will also be writing a guide for guys who have never hobbied at all who wish to try out the brothel experience and will update this with the link to that when it is posted.  

First, forget everything you’ve ever seen on TV about a brothel because I’m going to give you the straight dope and they probably won’t line up.  Follow this guide and always leave a happy man.

You’ve made the decision to try a brothel, but how do you know which one?  Let’s start there.  First, ask yourself a few things:  1)  Do you already have a certain lady in mind?  2)  Does who owns it and house reputation matter?  3)  What area of Nevada are you looking to travel to?  

Taking those factors into account, you can then look at the list of brothels in the state and choose accordingly.  While I won’t go through your options (there are many websites that will help you with that already which Uncle Google will lead you to), I will, of course, plug the house I work out of, Sheri’s.  For the purpose of simplicity in this article, let’s pretend you’re coming here.

1.  Do your research.  Much like independents, you will need to do some reading (although not as much, since if we work at a house we’re already verified as legitimate providers).  First, read the house website and see if there are any rules you should know about and get the general 411 on the environment you’ve selected.  Read the yelp and google reviews.  There are some “hobby boards” but they’re worse than TER so they’re not even getting a mention, let alone a link.  What I will link is a well written Newbie’s Guide for Sheri’s, but I think a lot of the tips/tricks apply at most houses.  

After you know a little about the house, check out what providers will be there during your date range and read the profiles of any who strike your interest.  Pay attention to her offered services.  Narrow it down accordingly.  If she has her own website or social media, check it out too.  She’s not on twitter for her health, it’s for you.  She has invested time laying out a clear picture of her offerings so you can decide whether or not she’s a solid investment of your time and money before you meet.  Show her mutual respect by giving it some of your attention.  It is then you reach out via email to book an appointment.  Be polite in that email, just as you would an independent.  Confirm she is available on the date you desire, and suggest a few times you can make.  This gives her the wiggle room, should she already be booked.  While brothel work is typically more low volume than escorting, it seems there are “popular times” to book.

2. DON’T đź‘Ź ASK đź‘Ź HER đź‘Ź RATES đź‘Ź IN đź‘Ź AN đź‘Ź EMAILđź‘Ź

We are not allowed to tell you, period.  Whether it’s state law, federal law, or just rules of the house is completely irrelevant.  A woman who tells you rates or ballparks rates is risking her job to do so.  Why put someone in that position?  Simply don’t ask.  We aren’t allowed to tell you, we aren’t supposed to ball park.

“But how will I be prepared?”   You ask.  “I don’t know what it costs!”

Great question young padawan… 


3.  Come with as much as you can realistically and comfortably spend.  Simply put, bring the max budget you’re okay spending with the idea in mind you may or may not spend it all.  You are going somewhere you have no idea the price and it is way better to be more prepared than not enough.  Nothing REQUIRES you to spend all of your money, so why not be prepared with more than enough rather than risk too little?  You are spending the time to come a good distance outside of town, so why risk making it a wash because you didn’t have enough on you (even though you would have been happy to spend that amount)?  You do not have to be a millionaire to have a great experience at a brothel, no matter what bullshit rumours you’ve heard.  What you might not be remembering is that brothels are allowed to be more a la carte so if you don’t have enough for what you had in mind and are willing to compromise (i.e. dropping the blowjob you only kind of wanted, 45 minutes instead of an hour, one activity instead of five…I could list workable compromises all day) you can still find a great time with the lady of your choice.  

We take cash and all major credit cards (billed discreetly) at Sheri’s but its best to check the website of the brothel you plan on attending first.

People often get spooked by the word “negotiation” but there’s no reason to.  
I had one indie regular tell me that if he had to negotiate, it would ruin the experience for him.  I think people are picturing a fucking auction house, or haggling, or something crude along those lines.  It’s so disappointing people hear a word and immediately their mind shuts when it’s really the exact opposite of their vision.  My negotiations usually involve light banter and touching, sharing a drink, looking at my Pleasure Menu laden with sexy photos, and we don’t “negotiate” anything.  We custom build a package for you that works in your budget and you only pay for the things you want to take advantage of.  I can usually lay out several options for you, and we can always find something that works for both of us.  To me, this is great!  You get the most VFM when able to drop things you’re not interested in.  And extending is more common and more of a reality than with an independent which means you don’t have to commit to a multi-hour hoping she didn’t hire someone to write her website.

4.  ALWAYS đź‘Ź HAVE đź‘Ź YOUR đź‘Ź ID đź‘Ź 

I don’t care if you’re 29 or 99.  We take anyone over 21, but we card you to verify it.  We are a bar, and that’s that.  Also, if you plan to use CC we are going to need to see it before we can run your card.  We are extremely serious about making sure thieves and frauds do not walk through our doors and send your hard earned money so compliance and understanding is appreciated.

5.  Take a shower first and be prepared to shower again during the party. If she offers, don’t say no (no matter how clean you are).  If she doesn’t offer, ask.  It only yields you better service which is a higher ROI.  


Missy Mariposa Escort












So while I’ve got you here, I realise every provider says “wash your balls” and “shower better” but few actually give you any real guidance.  Also, you may think you’re clean when you show up to party but a lot of guys who think that either have stank balls or poobreath.  About half that shower at the party are still in the same state as when they got in.  To improve your session, no matter how clean you think or know you are, just give yourself a thorough scrub down and good once over of the oral section to ensure great service.  Gross breath is solvable during a session in 2 ways:  Mints, mouthwash.  So we don’t need to spend a lot of time on that.  What we do need to spend a lot of time on is:

Missy’s Step-by-step De-stankify Your Meat and Potatoes â„˘

Step 1:   Get in a hot shower and get every inch of your body wet.  This means spread your legs and get the inside of your ass crack wet.  Lift up your balls and get your taint wet.  EVERY đź‘Ź INCH.

Step 2:  Lather hands/loofah/washcloth with soap and wash your arms, neck, chest, legs, and back.  Rinse well.

Step 3:  Re-lather hands (or loofah/washcloth) and play with your penis as if you are masturbating and on the edge of an orgasm you’ve put off three times, but go slower and also make sure to get the folds of your thighs and pubic mound.  Whether you are average weight, heavy, or obese, push down your pubic fat pad and really get the soap and water in there.  Grip yourself firmly and slide your hand all the way from the bottom to the top until your penis is a soapy dragon.  Take some of that gorgeous lather you’ve just made being an awesome dragon and wash your balls. Front and back.  Definitely the part you can’t see.  When you think you’ve done that LIFT UP YOUR BALLS AND MAKE IT REALLY SOAPY UNDERNEATH.  RINSE VERY VERY WELL.

Step 4:  REPEAT STEP 3 

In the wise words of Redd Foxx, one of my biggest idols:

Missy Mariposa Escort










But never fear!  I have a guide for everything, right? Without further ado: 

Missy’s Step-by-step Guide on how to WASH YO ASS™

Step 1:  Lather your hand with soap.
Step 2:  Spread your ass cheeks apart.
Step 3:  Insert soapy hand into ass crevice and vigorously rub.  Get all the way down to your taint and all the way up to your back.  Lots of soap.
Step 4:  Rinse extremely well.
Step 5:  Repeat Steps 2-4 three times.
Step 6:  Wash your cock-and-balls as described above AND repeat steps 1-4 of this guide.
Step 7:  Rinse everything VERY well as soap residue is just as bad as being dirty and dry your cock-and-balls with a different section of the towel than you use to dry your ass.

So while this sounds like a lot when it’s all written out, in reality it took you longer to read it and visualise it than it would to actually do it.  So wash your fucking ass!

6.  Be respectful of her time.  What you negotiated in the party is it.  You should not expect her to come sit in the bar with you, or lounge by the pool, or eat lunch unless you negotiated this into your party or this was pre-arranged in some other fashion.  She may need a nap, or to work out, or a meal.  You have no idea if she has school, other appointments, or a phone call to make.  Unless she is being compensated for her time, don’t expect any of it other than what you get during the party.  If you want time outside of the party, ask before you leave her room what it would cost to do the activity you’re looking for.  As long as you do not act entitled and expect something for nothing, it’s likely a happy medium can be reached.

This also applies to email.  A brief email to follow up a great visit is wonderful.  A short story asking 50 questions and requiring a real time investment is not unless you compensate her for it in some fashion.  An amazon wishlist gift or purchasing a gift card is appropriate in these situations, just like with an independent.

Follow these simple steps and have an awesome time!  Got feedback?  Come discuss it on twitter @ingodwetryst

Why I hung up my heels as an independent and embrace the brothel

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Melissa Mariposa

Let me preface this up front by saying all feelings, opinions, and views are about me and my life only — I do not judge any other provider for what they do or do not offer or how they feel about services or specific types of clients. These views are my own, for me, about my job, about my life. Not you or yours. You do what is right for you, and you own it.

The title pretty much sums up the content of the post, but I am asked almost daily — and usually not in the most positive way — why or “how” I could “give up” being “my own boss” and “independent” for the “terrible environment” of a brothel. There is almost always judgement and a completely negative attitude. I’ve had people laugh at the decision and outright mock it.

First off, if that’s you then you can fuck right off. It’s incredibly ironic to support me for being a sex worker as long as I’m doing it in a way you prefer vs what makes me happy. Second, I’m more my own boss than ever. I also have twice as much time, which has allowed me to finish several personal projects that were only crawling along. I have time to relax and pursue my interests instead of just working around the clock.

But let’s get to what this is really about. Why. Why did I go from a successful nationwide independent escorting business to building my brand inside of these walls? Continue reading

Courtesan Code of Ethics (Version I)

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Ever since the Expose a Bro scandal (google is your friend) several years ago I have had finishing this on my mind.  “Alexa” worked with many real providers to propose a code of ethics for the industry.  This never got finished, and this was never really published outside of an initial draft that was well received. The idea of a code of ethics isn’t really groundbreaking as most industries have them.  So why not us?  I am *happily* taking the feedback of other providers for future revisions of this piece, please respond on twitter with your suggestions, feedback, and ideas.

Courtesan Code of Ethics – Version I


Providing time is an occupation that is greatly misunderstood and generally looked down upon by society.  This, despite a long historical record of courtesans being among the most cherished and valued people in past civilizations.  One who undertakes becoming a courtesan as a primary profession or as an adjunct to another profession realises that s/he exposes the most personal of space to the client in exchange for financial or practical remuneration.   This close interaction requires a very high level of trust be established between the courtesan and the client, and it is critical that the client understand that s/he knows that s/he is dealing with someone who adheres to a strong code of ethics.

The courtesan should strive to accomplish these major goals:

  • Provide valuable, beneficial, safe, and enjoyable service to the client.
  • Ensure personal boundaries and health of either party are not compromised, that you maintain your dignity and integrity, and that you don’t compromise your own personal ethos.
  • Reflect positively upon the profession as a whole.

Voluntary subscription to a code of ethics has historically been one way to demonstrate the commitment to excellence in any profession.  Being a courtesan is a profession in which one should always be striving towards excellence, so a code of ethics is the next logical step towards that goal.

This code of ethics is predicated upon the following assumption of rights:

  • I reserve the right to screen clients to my personal satisfaction and standards and always personally determine who I will see and who I will not see, and under what conditions.
  • I reserve the right to set my own boundaries, and to have my clients to respect them at all times. I reserve the right to end a session without refund if a client does not respect my boundaries.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to see a client if the client refuses to accept my personal boundaries or engages in behaviour I deem unsafe, threatening, or illegal.
  • I reserve the right to determine how I use my personal attributes to make a living, and to be respected for the decisions that I make.
  • I reserve the right to serve only the clientele I am comfortable serving without judgement from clients or other providers.
  • I reserve the right to be treated as a human being, with full agency and all other rights due me, including the right to petition for redress under all relevant civil and criminal laws of my country.  I have every expectation that law enforcement agencies and the judicial system will treat me with the same dignity and respect they afford all other complainants.

Code of Ethics

General Conduct

  • I will enter and practice this profession of my own free will, under duress from no other party, while understanding the true nature of the work I’ll be doing.
  • I will exhibit a sincere commitment to providing a quality experience for the client. If the client is not having a good experience, I will work towards resolving that situation in any way I can to the satisfaction of the client without compromising my personal ethos, health, or safety in the process.
  • I will respect my clients as human beings and not treat them as anything less than how I expect to be treated.
  • I will respect my client’s physical, emotional, professional, ethical, and spiritual boundaries.
  • I will maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence, striving for excellence through regular assessment of personal and professional strengths and weaknesses and through continued education and training.

Business Practices

  • I will not use bait and switch tactics to lure clients under false assumptions or pretenses.  I will not advertise as an unrealistic age for my visual appearance.  If my photos do not accurately represent me, I will not use them.
  • I will respect my client’s confidentiality, and not, under any circumstances, divulge the names or other identifying features of my clients.
  • My email practices are secure and the content of our emails will always be professional in nature.
  • I will not defraud or cheat a client in any way.
  • I will advertise myself honestly and not misrepresent what I am prepared to do or the skills that I have.
  • I will plainly state my expectations on my web site(s) and not engage in unfair attempts to upcharge or upsell clients.  The price listed on the website is the price the client can expect to pay.
  • I will not submit false information about clients to blacklists and similar reporting venues.
  • I will recognise that there is a wide variance in acceptable behaviour and identity, strive to accept those variations in my clients, and accommodate those variances when they do not conflict with my own personal ethos or skill levels.

Safety and Health

  • I will use appropriate safe practices at all time.
  • I will not practice my trade if I am sick or ill without disclosing my illness(es) to my client before any personal contact.
  • I will not entertain clients if I am physically or emotionally impaired to the point where I cannot ensure my safety, the safety of my client, and meet my client’s expectations.
  • I will not entertain clients if I am unable to provide a top tier experience.
  • I will not entertain clients who engage in illegal activities, nor will I engage in illegal activities with clients.

Respect for the Profession

  • I will not advocate or condone anything non-consensual/involuntary or anything involving minors, and will report the existence of such behaviour to appropriate authorities immediately should I discover it.
  • I will not take advantage of or manipulate clients or other providers in any way for personal gain.
  • I will not sell my reference or provide any kind of references for clients I did not actually see.
  • I do not judge other women for who they choose to see or not see.
  • I do not judge other women for how they spend their money, or what gifts they receive.
  • I do not judge how other women run their business.
  • If asked, I will provide honest, legitimate advice and information to those who inquire about working in this profession.
  • I strive to be a true lady, and will conduct myself as such at all times.
  • I am honest, sincere, professional, and value discretion above all else.

How to transform your space into your boudoir…and why

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Nashville Escort Missy Mariposa

I wanted to do something a little different with this one.  While I do not release photos, my boudoirs are always known as a thing of wonder and testimonials to that have been given, so I’m not jerking my own dick here (I promise). I set out to offer the comforts and amenities of a luxury spa, but with a more personal touch.  From aromatherapy, to a mobile charging station (complete with four charger types to match your brand of choice), a literal carousel of toiletries, cold pressed juice, infused water…and we’re only talking about the space, not the person behind it.  Oh the luxuries that await you inside!  You may be asking why bother?   I’m actually going to start with why and end with how.  So stay awhile, and listen…and then discuss on twitter when all is said and done!
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Perspective — the one sided nature of “reviewing”

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While in the midst of working on a tongue in cheek-ish guide/thought piece on “how to write a review your provider won’t cringe when she reads” the opportunity for this popped up when I got a review that, well.  It sure didn’t make me cringe.  I will eventually link you the review in question, but we’re gonna chat for awhile first…so be patient, kick back, and enjoy the read.
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He told me he was dying…

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This is the hardest thing I’ve ever written and one of the hardest days of my professional life — possibly my real life too.  The two aren’t so different anyway are they?  One is merely an extension of the other.  Missy and my actual self aren’t the same, but we aren’t so different either.  I have found that people want a genuine experience with a genuine human being who is having a genuinely good time with them.  Someone interactive and involved, someone responsive.  To provide that you have to be honest, and inject large pieces of yourself into the job (did you think I was going to say genuine again?) and be real, no matter what.  That’s an entirely different entry though, isn’t it?  How about this one first?

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*Blows off four years of dust*

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Hello everyone!  Welcome back.  Comments are off, because I expect responses on twitter these days.  Gone are the days of comments and guestbooks and compartmentalised venues of conversation.  Now (for better or for worse) we have the more public arena of social media to discuss the things we’ve read.  I’m sure I’ll write on the age of narcissism at some point (but not now)

For now, we will talk a little about my goals for the resuscitated and improved version of this blog:

  1. Entries on “industry related” topics, social observation/issues
  2. Guest entries on a multitude of topics.  It could be industry related, a social observation/social justice issue, a walks of life piece (ask my privately for more details on writing one of these).  Please tweet me if you wish to write an entry and I will DM you.
  3. Weekly updates in either something of the above, or something where I just muse about bullshit for awhile.  We’ll see

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.